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  Angela van Boxtel

  Eco Artist & Designer

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Welcome to Eco Art & Design by Angela van Boxtel

I love you to enjoy my ECO Designs & Art and BE inspired and awaken your creativity by connecting your life style with nature, your  environment and landscape (including the city scape).

To learn HOW - You can participate in my workshops, talks & public art events! 

I dream of a beautiful sustainable world lots of imaginary play for children to explore. 
My designs, art and projects involve all elements of re-use, re-cycle and re-design. I like to challenge you in your personal and working life to be more imaginative, creative and sustainable. 

I hope to to encourage you to make some new steps into a vibrant new 'green' world!

INSPIRING locals to be creative, green & resourceful!
Re-use, ReTHINK - Re-Cycle

be inspired with ideas, figure what motivates me and pushes me forwards to create my art and designs on  a daily basis! READ>


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Donate your Plastic Shopping BAG

You can make a difference too by saying no to plastic shopping bags. Donate your last one you will ever use to me for my art piece selected for the North Sydney Art Prize. I'll make you go down into history. It's easy! HOW? - read more>


Blitzen - The Shopping Bag Express

Angela van Boxtel was one of five Sydney Artists to be commissioned to create a recycled reindeer for Lane Cove Council. Being passionate about eliminating plastic shopping bags in society, the artist set herself the task to crochet almost 2000 single use plastic shopping bags (donated by her local community) into a reindeer. Read more>

Lane Cove Council commission - Reindeer crocheted from 2000 bags

Eco Art & Design Furniture 
 for SALE>

Love to own a beautiful hand made 
up-cycled design by Eco Artist & 
Designer Angela van Boxtel?

Check out her funky pieces including 
Jeans Crocheted Chairs, Surf Board Chairs, Bike Tube Chairs, Grass Stools and so on READ MORE>


My latest project is a range of swim costumes and board shorts made by crocheting plastic bags into designs - to raise awareness about the plastic in our oceans >READ MORE or get involved

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